Our philosophy

If you want to build a house that's going to last for generations to come, you need it to be well designed and well built using quality materials.

Even if you get your house designed by Fosters and source the finest materials known to man, it's not going to end well if you employ a troop of Baboons!

In exactly the same way, software – from the smallest website to an enterprise level application – needs to be carefully designed, and well built using the best tools available.

Sure, you can get something that just-about-works for an initially attractive price by having it build by the cheapest developer you can find, but the pain is going to start as soon as you need to make any changes. In todays rapidly moving world that's probably going to happen even before you get the project online.

A well designed, well constructed web application doesn't have to break the bank. We keep costs super low by using the latest and greatest open source technology, which is free to use.

Drop us an email or give us a call to chat about your project.

How we work

We can take care of all aspects of your application, including service design and graphic design, or if you already have a well specified project with HTML wireframes we can just help with the implementation phase. We're pretty flexible, so get in touch and let's chat.